I Beseech You

Ok, another libertarian (small l) tinged song. Yeah, I have to laugh at alarmists almost as much as I laugh at denialists.  Insert ad hominems in comments below 😉

When the wind blows, blows on me

I lean forward I ain’t no dang tree
With the branches all on the ground
I raise my hand singing this sound

I beseech you
Gimme the proof of what you preach is true

When the rain falls till nothing is dry,
I raise my face up to the sky
With the flooding you say we can’t last
I just smile, remembering the past

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▶ Arizona Cowboy

My Mom (whom moved west on her own in the late 1950’s)…told me when she was a little kid her Dad rode her on her knee singing “You’re going to marry an Arizona Cowboy who never rode a horse…” but I never could find an old song named that, So I wrote it – from the point of view of my Dad of course, who happens to be from Arizona, and yep never rode a horse.. Born in the dude ranch capital of the world: Wickenburg. Yep.


Hope you don’t mind gal, if I stay awhile
plop my boots here, yeah that’s my style
Heard you’re looking for the right guy, been a little off course

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Man On The Run

From the Campbell Kitchen Studios…

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Why do your recordings sound like ass? – Cockos Confederated Forums

If you are interested in modern/amateur recording tips, and have got the basics down, this may be the best forum thread you’ll  ever read:

Why do your recordings sound like ass? – Cockos Confederated Forums.

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Floating strands of memories bottled up into a song. Starts out sweet but then…(one of my libertarian-tinged songs):

Again my mind’s thinking about old times
When I was just a boy
Chasing dimes, making rhymes,
The river was my toy
I remember my friend Billy, like me, we would play all day
In the back marsh woods catching fish and toads
Till we’d hear his mother say
“Billy, Billy its dinner time come home,
Billy, Billy its dinner time come home”
Summer nights stealing matches sneaking out for a rummer’s raid
Getting maids playing seven heaven in the forts we made
We never thought anything would change,
There’d always be pot at home on…

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My answer to Lauper’s “Girls Just wanna have fun” which I played over and over last year but couldn’t get into (the fun part that is). Back in the day there was a sports bar called “Coaches” in Campbell (still is), I have not been there for a long time since they went UFC, but that place is what I think of when I sing this song and inspired by a guy name Ted.  

(i) Clayton Weimer 2009

Found myself a bar, bought myself a beer
Looked around to and fro, looks like the coast is clear
Bought myself another, not I’m…

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Very Open Mic

Just a reminder about VeryOpenMic.com , a google group site that I founded and manage.  Sign up or keep visiting it to stay in tune with the open mic and jams goings on in the south bay.

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If you don’t like…

If you don’t like

  • Pirates, real ones,
  • sea songs
  • old Irish ditties and shanties
  • the Beatles
  • ramones
  • B-52s
  • Bob Dylan
  • Rambling Jack
  • AND if you like

  • most of Hip Hop and Rap
  • Disco
  • American Idol winners
  • Barry Manilow
  • you won’t like me songs

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    Searching For “Best” Doctors

    My wife suggested to a friend that she talk to me about finding a good doctor, researching the best/worst etc.  Why me?  I ain’t no Doctor.  I don’t even play one on TV.

    Well, I have a pretty good track record of researching for my loved ones, so I guess my wife thinks I have some mystical power in this.  All I can say is: its hard work.   Both my Dad, and Mom In-Law recently had some very rare ailments for example, and it took many days of research, and more, just to narrow down where the best solution would be found (see, I am an engineer, I talk like…

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    This is to the tune of Charlie Rich’s “Mohair Sam”. , the song that Elvis was playing on a bass in front of a TV when the Beatles came by to meet him. So I was just playing around, watching MSNBC going gaga for Obama, and figured, awe what the heck.   I just recorded it, DBO (day before obama)…

    Hey someone should put this to video and post to youtube, should be a hit.

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    Stage Fright Pills

    One of this suggestions I heard for people who suffer stage-fright is to take atenolol or some other beta blocker (normally used for high blood pressure).

    So, a few years ago, when I had stage fright (actually I was more of afraid of havin stage fright), I borrowed some from someone with high blood pressure).  I took  it before an open mic, and yeah, it works.   Ever since then I have wondered about its effect on brain and body.  Besides dampening the “flight or fight” syndrome of keeping our adreneline in check I always suspected a negative side effects memory and cognitive abilities (like being able to focus).   This from my own…

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    Ok, I might be getting out of hand, but I think the touch platform by Apple is going to rule the world.  Because even the most obscure ideas, are so dang cool. Not the iPhone is an instrument


    and dang it, look at this:

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    #9 Save It For Monday

    More stuff from the old PC, wrote this in the summer of 2006 at Del Mar.  Wanted it to sound like Johnny Cash but I missed the mark, oh well…Play “Save It For Monday” – 3.8 MB

    Save It For Monday – 2006

    Creative Commons License
    Save It For Monday by Eddie Clay is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

    I figure there will be one day when they’ll be digging…

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    Two Brits and a Yank

    Thanks to Kent Sandvik for the photos.  I had great fun, its too bad all three of us are so busy (with day jobs), I could do this forever. I lobbied for our band to be called “The 680’s” because we do 60s and 80s music, I-680 next to us enters Silicon Valley from the east, and I just like the name…I like the Brit Yank thing but it makes us sound like a pub band… which is good since we played our first gig at a pub (Ye Royal Oak).

    Two Brits and a Yank

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    Celtic Music Alive and Well

    >> Celtic music sessions are Tuesday evenings at CB Hannegan’s Restaurant in Los >> Gatos. They use to be at the old Kings Head in Downtown Campbell, https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Grand-Dell-Saloon/111739085513735 Grand Dell Saloon

    If you like Celtic ditties, you’ll love this. www.geocities.com/mostlyceltic (see below)


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    Kings Head – RIP

    The Kings Head is no longer, now it is called the TheSpot.  A DJ hip Hop (AKA disco), no more live music.  Sad, If you remember this place used to be Smokey Mountains, and a part of a live music scene in the early 80’s.

    Well I do, when I came here out of school in 1985, while “on standby” during with many single buddies. I love live music, but we were there to dance with the chicks.

    Now, these days, its all about Djs, I personally think is because it costs less than a cover band and currently, the big money is in Hip Hop Top 20.    It does remind…

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    Shades of Grey

    A politcal-not song. Spelling depends whether I am in the U.K. or not.  I’m just saying there is big difference between rightness and rightmindedness…. don’t know where it came from except my hair seems to always bug people.

    Yeah I’ve been told that I’m trying to sound like Dylan here, heck with them, everybody must get stoned…

    When I came up with the first line I yelled at Sarah to write it down so I wouldn’t forget, her “Hay” mispelling I liked and left in. Live with it.

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